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Who sells fill dirt near me?

Welcome to La Landscape Supply and our bulk fill dirt and fill dirt delivery service in Louisiana.

Call us to get convenient bulk materials delivery in Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, and surrounding communities.

We service homeowners, contractors, landscapers and businesses across south Louisiana, and deliver bulk loads of fill dirt, clay dirt, topsoil, sand and more throughout Livingston parish.

You can count on our experienced team to provide prompt, courteous service and to handle your delivery with care. Contact us today to schedule affordable fill dirt delivery.


Order Fill Dirt for Your Project In Denham Springs La

Need to buy fill dirt for your next construction or landscaping project in Denham Springs? Get high-quality fill dirt delivered on schedule from LA Landscape Supply.

Fill dirt is an affordable choice for grading, leveling, backfilling, and more.

With convenient ordering and fast delivery, LA Landscape Supply makes it easy to get quality fill dirt when you need it.

Simply call or go online to schedule your bulk fill dirt delivery. Tell us how much you need and where to deliver it. Our team can quickly dispatch truckloads of fill dirt to your location.

What Is Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt, also known as fill soil, is a natural material used to fill, raise, and level areas of land. It typically consists of dirt, soil, sand, gravel, small rocks, and sometimes debris left over from construction sites and excavation projects. 

Fill dirt provides an cost effective solution for construction dirt, building foundations, and landscaping projects. When properly installed and compacted, fill dirt offers a stable, gradable base for building up and leveling yards and construction sites. 

Fill dirt is most often used as a base material for foundations, also used to help stabilize slopes of a hill, and level ground for building.

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Uses For Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt has many uses for improving and altering landscapes. It is most commonly used to fill in low areas and raise elevation, and help create a flat, smooth grade. It’s most often used to fill in dips, holes, gullies, and uneven spots.

It is also used in construction work where it is not desirable to transport large amounts of material from off-site and it may be too expensive to purchase this type of material on site; such as when building new roads and highways.

It is often spread around foundations and graded away from houses to prevent water pooling. Many contractors use fill dirt to backfill basements and foundations during construction.

Fill dirt allows you to:

  • Raise or level ground
  • Fill holes and low areas
  • Create earthen berms for privacy
  • Build up foundations and raised beds
  • Reshape yards and open spaces
  • Prepare areas for paving or landscaping

How Much Does A Load Of Dirt Cost??

The cost of a load of dirt can vary a lot based on several factors. These include the type and amount of dirt, delivery fees, and your location.

For a standard truck load of dirt delivered locally, expect to pay between $200-$600 depending on the quality of the dirt. Higher end screened topsoil will cost more per load.

A medium dump truck load of fill dirt may range from $500-$1,000 or more per load. The exact cost depends on your location and delivery distance.

Buying in bulk from dirt suppliers can save you money compared to purchasing loads individually.

Average Fill Dirt Price: $100 – $400 per load.

We can deliver topsoil, garden soil, river silt, sand, and fill dirt to your location. Dirt Prices range between $15 – $60 per cubic yard.  Total costs depend on the amount ordered and location.

Where to buy fill dirt near me?

Contact Us to order and schedule delivery

Contact us today to order fill dirt for your next project!
Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you get the right type and quantity of fill delivered on time.

Bulk Dirt Delivery in Denham Springs and Livingston Parish

We provide fast and flexible delivery options in Livingston Parish and throughout all of Louisiana. 

Whether you need a truck load of dirt for your home or truckloads for a commercial site, you can count on team to make the process easy.

Our staff can schedule prompt bulk dirt delivery when and where you need it. We service residential neighborhoods, business complexes, rural areas and everywhere in between.

Contact us today to discuss your specific bulk dirt needs and get a competitive bulk order quote!

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How To Order A Load Of Dirt

How can I get a truck load of dirt delivered near me?

  1. Measure and estimate the amount of soil or dirt you need.
  2. Decide on the type of dirt you want to use for your project.
  3. Call Us to schedule delivery to your property or site location.

Where can I get a load of fill dirt near me?

Contact us today to order fill dirt for your next Slidell area project!
Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you get the right type and quantity of fill delivered on time.

Contact Us to order and schedule delivery

Fill Dirt Delivery In Denham Springs, Walker, Watson, Springfield, and surrounding areas of Livingston. 

We also have good quality topsoil, garden soil, bulk sand and gravel in Denham Springs

Who has dirt for sale near me?

La Landscape Supply offers topsoil delivery weekly, and can help you with your project.

Order online or call to schedule your delivery.

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